Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cast Speculation for Survivor Nicaragua

After weeks of searching for new Survivor information, a possible spoiler has come. The Survivor blog team found this picture on Survivor (An amazing Survivor site, and it is the link at the bottom.) This picture was taken at the Survivor Heroes vs. Villains finale after they announced Survivor Nicaragua. The people in this picture may very well be the contestants of Survivor, however there are only 13 people meaning that the other 3, 5, or 7 people may not be pictured. So, the Survivor blog team has spoken and it's time for us to go. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

A new post and Survivor Nicaragua.

Hello Survivor fans. Thank you for reading the survivor blog, all survivor all the time. I am very sorry for the lack of posts in Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, but there were several technical difficulties. However, the survivor blog team has fixed them and we are back on the web. Also, thank you to all of our followers. But now on to more important news, SURVIVOR NICARAGUA!!!!!
Airing on Wed. September 15th, or 22nd, 2010 is survivor's amazing twenty first season. The theme seems to be sixteenth century Spain exploration. Rumor has it that Survivor 22 will be in Nicaragua, and will be another all stars season, sort of.It is supposed to be the return of Russell, with one tribe all new ten people, and the othe nine new people, and Russell.  
But that's Survivor 22, and let's still focus on 21, Nicaragua. The logo is amazing, and the survivor blog team can't wait for it to start. We will post any new news about Survivor Nicaragua, or any cast, or boot spoilers, but for now, the survivor blog has spoken, it's time for us to go.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survivor 12. Panama or Puerto Rico

While I was in vacation in Puerto Rico I went to a waterfall called La Mina falls. La Mina was the the name of one of the tribes on Survivor Panama. The trail down to it looked like the beach on survivor Panama. There was another waterfall called Cascaya. Similar to another tribe. But the prof is in the first few minutes of Survivor Panama, when the castaways are escorted to Exile Island by boats with the flag of Panama on it. Meaning that my idea is wrong.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Second Episode

Sorry it came so late but I was on vacation in Puerto Rico, where I got a lot of input on survivor, but that will be on a later post.
Stephanie was voted out because of what happened at the challenge. Now I think that because Cirie and Candice voted with Rupert, Amanda, James, and J.T. they made the stupidest move. Cirie should have gotten revenge on Amanda by voting her out, and Cirie and Candice would have made farther in the game with so much fewer people in their alliance. The only reason they might have voted for Stephanie is that if the heroes go into the merge down they will have more people.
Then over at the villains camp you see Danielle, Parvati, and Courtney talking possibly forming an alliance. Russell though was surprisingly quiet, not looking for idols like he did in the second episode of Samoa. He may start in the third episode getting Coach, and Boston Rob mad at him. We will see what happens on episode 3 of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remaining cast prediction

Here is what I think will happen on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and why.
20. Sugar. We all know that already.
19. Stephanie. Cirie and Amanda will get the Heroes to vote her out.
18. Randy. He will get too annoying.
17. Cirie. Tom will get her back for getting rid of Stephanie.
16. Tom. Amanda will get him back.
15. Tyson. He will lose the challenge for the Villains.
14.  James. J.T. will turn on James.
13. Boston Rob. Russell magic.
12. Coach. I don't know why, I just don't like him.
11. Courtney. Russell will turn on her back.
10. J.T. The villains have the numbers and will get rid of him for being a physical threat.
9. Amanda. The same reason as J.T.
8. Candice. The villains still have the numbers.
7. Danielle. She will try to get rid of Russell.
6. Rupert. Injury evacuation.
5. Colby. He will be the last hero.
4. Jerri. Russell will take Parvati and Sandra to the Final 3.
Final 3 Russell, Parvati, Sandra. But that's just my guess.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Season premire

After watching Survivor Heroes vs. Villains I noticed a lot of things that you might want to hear. First of all in the theme song they show Tom, Jerri, and Boston Rob competing in a challenge from Palau. And we have learned that a challenge from Fiji is the reward challenge, and Rob's injury will probably take place in between the reward and immunity challenge meaning he will be okay. It also shows Boston Rob winning the round for the villains, as the challenge is hitting your oppenent off a platform.

  Another thing I wonder is how come the heroes were so split on who to eliminate, and yet the unanimously voted out Sugar. CBS probably didn't show a secret scene where everyone agreed to vote for Sugar.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First episode

In the special surviving survivor, it show Jerri, Amanda, Russell, and Cirie in a challenge that will happen in episode 2. This means that those make it to the second episode. It also shows them sliding, and reaching for numbered balls, liking a Survivor Fiji challenge.